Hadoop Tutorial

Hadoop Tutorial

Hi in this hadoop tutorial we will describe all about Hadoop, why use Hadoop, Hadoop Architecture, BigData, MapReduce and Some ecosystems.

Now a days required framework like which  handle huge amount of data in an application like Facebook,  Twitter, LinledIn, Google, Yahoo, etc these have lots of data. These companies required some process to that huge data like 1. Data Analysis, 2. Proper Handling of Data and 3. Understandable data to custom format.

Apache Hadoop's MapReduce and HDFS components originally derived respectively from Google's MapReduce and Google File System (GFS) papers.

In 2003-2004 Google Introduced some new technique in search engine 1. File System GFS (Google File System) and another framework for data analyzing technique called 2. MapReduce to make fast searching and fast analyzing data. Google just submitted theses white paper to search engine.

In 2005-2006 Yahoo take these technique for Google and Implement in single framework given Name Hadoop. Hadoop was created by Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella in 2005. Cutting, who was working at Yahoo! at the time, named it after his son's toy elephant. It was originally developed to support distribution for the Nutch search engine project. No one knows that better than Doug Cutting, chief architect of Cloudera and one of the curious story behind Hadoop. When he was creating the open source software that supports the processing of large data sets, Cutting knew the project would need a good name. Cutting's son, then 2, was just beginning to talk and called his beloved stuffed yellow elephant "Hadoop" (with the stress on the first syllable). Fortunately, he had one up his sleeve—thanks to his son. The son (who's now 12) frustrated with this. He's always saying 'Why don't you say my name, and why don't I get royalties? I deserve to be famous for this :)

Big Data Hadoop 

In this Hadoop Tutorial we will learn further following modules.

Module 1-
  1. Understanding Big Data
  2.  Introduction to Hadoop
  3.  Hadoop Architecture
Module 2-
  1. Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS)
  2. HDFS Architecture
  3. JobTracker and TaskTracker Architecture 
  4. Hadoop Configuration 
  5. Hadoop Environment Setup(Hadoop 1.x)
  6. Hadoop Environment Setup(Hadoop 2.x)
  7. Hadoop installation on ubuntu
  8. Data Loading Technique
Module 3-
  1. Introduction to MapReduce
  2. MapReduce Flow Chart with Sample Example 
  3. MapReduce Programming Hello World or WordCount Program 
Module 4-
  1. Advanced MapReduce
  2. YARN
  3. YARN Programming
Module 5-
  1. Introduction to Sqoop
  2. Programming with Sqoop
Module 6-
  1. Analytic Using HIVE
  2. Understanding HIVE QL
Module 7-
  1. NoSQL Databases
  2. Understanding HBASE
  3. Zookeeper
Module 8-
  1. Real World Data sets and analysis
  2. Project Discussion


  1. when i ran a simple programme it compile sucess fully but when i ran it is giving error as Could not find or load main class plz tell me wht i do

  2. Hi,
    Please make sure when ever use run command your class file generated same directory or another directory. Its problem due to when class is not in directory or in this class not contain main method.

  3. Where is it rendering the view here.?

  4. I did not get why are some sections not linked, nor do i see it is paid. Any other issue ?

  5. Hi Neelam,

    Could you please clear about which sections you are talking? Please put the name of section, then we can give you proper reason.

  6. Hi Dinesh,
    I've just downloaded your project and import in eclipse also added all the jars in buildpath. I'm running this appliction in tomat 7 but its showing me 404.
    Please help


  7. make sure the context path of application is correct or not.

  8. Hi Dinesh, I'm confused about different return types(Model, Map, ModelAndView, String, void etc.) of handler methods. Could you please explain the difference among them and how can we choose the one that fits best to our requirement?

  9. Your endeavours are much appreciated. But could you please explain the difference among the different return types(ModelAndView, Model, View, String, Map, void) of handler methods?

  10. Model and Map we can use when return data simple JSON format.

    ModelAndView using when return with model and view to front layer.

    String we can use for simple return with view name.

    I think right now you clear about these.

    Let us know if you have still confusion about these return types of handler.


  11. So in the EmplyeeForm is the element missing modelAttribute="SpringWeb"? I'm confused.

  12. hii dinesh ,i downloaded this application from your site .i imported it in eclipse ..but its showing 404 file not found ..Kindly help me out whts the pblm..thnks in advance

  13. Dear Sudhir,

    Thanks for using this tutorial!!!

    Please update your context root and add all jars to build class path.
    After that you will try.

    After that same problem is coming please share url of localhost.

  14. Dear Dinesh,

    Still i m facing same prolem..file not found 404 status..here is my url:http://localhost:7576/sdnext/WEB-INF/views/employeeForm.jsp.

    I added all jars and update context root..still not getting output
    Thanks in advance

  15. This is wrong url,


    Please access this page