Setting Up AOP Dependencies

Setting Up AOP Dependencies: For setting up AOP dependencies in spring we have to add AOP related libraries. 
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Step 1: Create project for AOP

click File->New->Java Project then get the following windows and give the name of project spring25AOPDemo

Setting Up AOP Dependencies

After writing project name spring25AOPDemo and click on ->finish then project created now we have to add related jar files.

Step 2: Adding Jar files->

right click on project->properties->Java Build Path->Lib->Add Liberarie.. then we get the following windows
Setting Up Spring AOP Dependencies

Now select User Library->Next->User Libraries...->New then we will get the following windows

After creating user library aspectj-lib then add the following jar files into this user library.

AOP Jars
  • aspectjrt.jar
  • aspectjweaver.jar
  • asm-2.2.3.jar
  • aopalliance.jar
Then select aspectj-lib and click on OK then we get the following windows.

Spring AOP

Now our project spring25AOPDemo is created with AOP libraries and spring library . Next chapter we will creating first AOP program.

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