Hibernate Tutorial for Beginners Learn step by step

This hibernate tutorial provide step by step instructions on using Hibernate. Hibernate is popular open source object relational mapping tool for Java platform. It provides powerful, ultra-high performance object/relational persistence and query service for Java.

Hibernate Tutorial
Actually Hibernate is much more than ORM Tool (Object – Relational Mapping) because today its provide lots of features in the persistence data layer.
ORM means Objects to Relational Mapping i.e. Java Persistence Objects are mapped to Relational databases by using ORM tools.


  • An ORM Tool
  • Used in the Data layer of the applications
  • Implements JPA (Java Persistence API) i.e its have set of standards that have been prescribed for any persistence of any implementation need to be satisfied to persistence rules in the java that given minimal change of codes means follow the all rules of persistence in later if any change in the ORM tools with minimum change in the code.

Why We Have to Use ORM Tools?

Hibernate Mapping

Here there is one problem to object save in to relational database each entity of the object save individually to the database table in the associated columns. It is more times taken and complex in case of lots of user objects to be save into the database table.

When Inserting into database.

                        Object’s Property ID set to ID column

                        Object’s Property Name set to Name Column
                        Object’s Property Address set to Address Column
                        Object’s Property Phone set to Phone Column

Object’s Property Date of Birth set to DOB Column

When Fetching Result Set from Database Table.

                         Column ID‘s Value set to Object’s ID Property

                         Column Name‘s Value set to Object’s Name Property


                         Column Address‘s Value set to Object’s Address Property


                         Column Phone‘s Value set to Object’s Phone Property


                         Column DOB‘s Value set to Object’s Date of Birth Property




Hibernate ORM

Hibernate Tutorial Contents

  1. Introduction to Hibernate 3.0
  2. Hibernate Architecture 
  3. Setting Up Hibernate
  4. Writing a First Hibernate Application Using Annotation
  5. Writing a First Hibernate Application Using Mapping File
  6. Understanding Hibernate O/R Mapping 
  7. Saving Objects using Hibernate APIs
  8. Using Annotations vs Configuration files
  9. hbm2ddl Configuration and Name Annotations
  10. Retrieving Objects using session.get
  11. Hibernate Update Query
  12. Hibernate Delete Query
  13. Value Types and Embedding Objects
  14. Saving Collections
  15. Configuring Collections and Adding Keys
  16. Proxy Objects and Eager and Lazy Fetch Types
  17. Hibernate One-To-One Mapping Tutorial   
  18. Hibernate One-To-Many Mapping Tutorial 
  19. Hibernate Many-To-One Mapping Tutorial 
  20. Hibernate Many-To-Many Mapping Tutorial 
  21.  CascadeTypes and Other Things
  22.   Implementing Inheritance in Hibernate (Single Table Strategy, With Table Per Class Strategy, With Joined Strategy)
  23. CRUD Operations Using Hibernate 3 (Annotation and Configuration)
  24. Transient, Persistent and Detached Objects in Hibernate
  25. Understanding State Changes of Object in Hibernate
  26.  Introducing HQL(Hibernate Query Language) and the Query Object
  27. Select and Pagination in HQL
  28. Understanding Parameter Binding and SQL Injection
  29. Named Queries
  30. Introduction to Criteria API
  31. Understanding Restrictions
  32. Cacheing in Hibernate: First Level and Second Level Cache in Hibernate
  33. Using Query Cache in Hibernate
  34. Hibernate Batch Processing


This Hibernate tutorial textual implementation of Java Brain Videos.


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