Maven Tutorial for Beginners Eclipse

Maven tutorial

Maven is a software project management and powerful build tool. This is based on a POM (pom.xml-project object model) file used for projects management, depedency resolving automatically, documentation and unit test report. Actually, we could sat that Maven is more than just a build tool. It’s build process is very similar to ANT but it is very advanced and innovative tool than ANT.

This maven tutorial is focused on basic and advanced concepts of maven. Also this maven tutorail provides step by step solution and developed for beginners and professionals.

My purpose of making this Maven tutorial is to help beginners and professionals to understand how Maven works. That is why my maven tutorial majorly focuses on the core concepts of Maven.

Maven Tutorials

  1. What is Maven
    1. What is a Build Tool?
  2. Ant Vs Maven
  3. Maven Installation & Configuration
    1. How to Install Maven in Windows
    2. Install Maven on Linux Ubuntu
  4. Maven Repository
    1. Local Repository
    2. Central Repository
    3. Remote Repository
    4. Install custom library into Maven local repository
  5. Maven Pom.xml File
  6. Maven Directory Structure
  7. Maven Settings File
  8. Maven Example
  9. Maven Project Dependencies
  10. Maven Build Life Cycles, Phases and Goals
  11. Maven Build Profiles
  12. Maven Plugins
  13. Maven Basic Operations(build,clean,run,install,site,site-deploy,tomcat:deploy)
  14. Maven in Eclipse
    1. Maven Eclipse Example
  15. Maven Archetypes
  16. Maven Unit Test Report
  17. Maven Interview
  18. Maven Interview Questions

Happy learning Maven. 🙂