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"Recently I attended the online training course - Spring 4 MVC - conducted by Mr Dinesh Rajput personally, and I certify that he was able to give hands-on trainin on the basics of developing Spring MVC applications using STS-Gradle-Thymeleaf technologies. Having said that, I highly recommend DOJ to anybody in need of first-hand technology support."

                                                                                                      Bhawani Shanker
                                                                                                      Austria (European Union)
                                                                                                      January, 2015

Yogendra Sharma Amazing post with amazing blog.. In my learning phase mostly I prefer your blog well explain java concepts

This Week in Spring - June 21, 2016

I don’t know if I would call this complete, but it is exhaustive! Well done Dinesh, on this lengthy introduction to Spring Boot Josh Long

This Week in Spring - January 8th, 2013
"Spring for Delphi. Cool! Eren Av?aro?ullar? has a nice post showing how to use dynamic languages (in particular, Groovy) with Spring. Dinesh Rajput has put together a blog introducing some of the features unique to the Spring Batch 2.x generation, which - while Spring Batch 2.x has been out" -Josh Long
This Week in Spring - Feb 12th, 2013
"But it's also stuff that's very convenient to reference in a pinch and it's nice to see it all laid out in order with a little bit of narrative. The Dinesh on Java blog has a nice post on how to setup Spring Security. The Lucky Ryan blog has a really à propos post on migrating XML-based Spring MVC configuration" -Josh Long
This Week in Spring - Feb 5th, 2013

  • "The Dinesh on Java blog has a nice post on how to use Spring Data" -Josh Long

  • This Week in Spring - January 1, 2013
    "on server-side pagination with ZK (a widget-centric web framework), Spring Data MongoDB and Google Maps. Do I need to say anymore? Check it out! The Dinesh on Java blog has a nice, introductory post on using Spring MVC interceptors. Good stuff!"- Josh Long

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