Installing and Configure Apache Ant

Apache Ant is fully fledged open source toll we can download from Apache Distributed System. The latest Apache Ant version, including its full-source code, class files, and documentation can be found at

Install Apache Ant on Windows
You just need to download the Ant’s zip file, and Unzip it, and configure the ANT_HOME Windows environment variables.

Step 1: Make sure you have a Java environment installed.(JAVA_HOME, PATH)
Click Here for Java Environment Setup

Step 2: Download Apache Ant.

Step 3: Unzip the downloaded file into a directory. As below

Apache Ant Unzip Folder

Step 4: Set environmental variables JAVA_HOME to your Java environment, ANT_HOME to the directory you unzip Ant to, and add ${ANT_HOME}/bin

Ant Environment Setup

Step 5: Append the path to the Apache Ant batch file to the PATH environment variable. In our case this would be the D:\personal data\apache-ant-1.9.7\bin folder.

Step 6: Check Installation
You can check the basic installation with opening a new shell and typing ant -version

Check Installation

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