Maven Directory Structure

Maven Directory Structure
Maven has own standard for directory structure to create in a project. So we no need specify any directory on the project level for sources, resources, tests, plugins etc. And also we don't need to configure for creating directory structure on the pom.xml file it is internal functionality of maven.

Maven Directory Structure


- src
  - main
    - java
    - resources
    - webapp
  - test
    - java
    - resources

- target
Directories level on project created by Maven

Source Directory

-src This is src directory which contains two more such as main and test directories inside. The main directory is for your source code and test directory is for test code.

-main Under the main directory there are many more directories such as java, resources, webapps etc.

-java The java directory contains all java codes and packages

-resources The resources directory contains other resources needed by your project. This could be property files used for internationalization of an application, or something else.

-webapp The webapp directory contains your Java web application, if your project is a web application.

-test  Under test directory contains two directories such as java and resources.

Target Directory

-target The target directory is created by Maven. It contains all the compiled classes, JAR files etc. produced by Maven. When executing the clean build phase, it is the target directory which is cleaned.