Java 8 Certification Exam Simulators

Java 8 Certification Exam Simulators

If you prepare Java 8 certification exams through books, you may pass the certification exams but if you want to score high in these exams, then you must practice exam simulators. It has been found that the combination of both a good book and a good exam simulator boost the chances of scoring high in Java certification exams. You can gauge your accuracy and speed along with the practice of getting handy with different levels of questions by utilizing the Oracle Java exam simulators. Usually, the students who prepare without simulators score 30% less than the students who practice them. Here are some of the best Java certification exam simulators that you can practice before appearing for the real Java certification exams.

Top 5 Java 8 Certification Exam Simulators
1. Whizlabs Exam Simulator:
Whizlabs exam simulator is the number one recommended exam simulator to prepare for Java 8 certification exams. Whizlabs have been helping Java developers for ten years, and it’s possible to score even 100% with the aid of this exam simulator.

It enables the students to learn the subtle concept of Java programming which they’re not even aware. The free mock test provided by the Whizlabs lets you get an idea of what can you learn after purchasing the simulator. You just need to enter your name, email ID, and phone number at their website and can start practicing 25 actual exam questions right away, that too free of cost. However, if you want to practice more questions, then you’ll have to pay for it.

Currently, Whizlabs is providing a special limited period offer of Rs. 799. The actual cost of these practice test questions is Rs. 1299. This package includes seven mock exams having 620+ unique questions. These questions cover 100% of the exam syllabus, and you can access them an unlimited number of times. You’ll also get notifications of your weaknesses and strengths and a detailed explanation of every question in this Oracle Java exam simulator.

2. Enthuware Exam Simulator:
Another good exam simulator for preparing Java certifications is the Enthuware exam simulator. Enthuware is also guiding Java students for more than ten years, and they even provide 100% refund of your money if you find any mistake in their teaching materials or if you don’t pass the Java certification exam after clearing one of their standardized tests. How cool, isn’t it?
There are both the trial version and the paid version of the simulator available at their website. The paid version costs as low as $ 9.95 and the price can go up to $ 29.95 depending upon the type of Java certification exam and the version associated with it. This simulator contains six standard tests and one foundation tests having 600+ questions with exhaustive explanations. The quality of subtle concepts of Java is none less than that of Whizlabs, and you get to know why a correct answer is correct, and a wrong answer is wrong.

3. David Mayer’s Java 8 exam simulator:
This new Oracle Java certification exam simulator has become quite famous in much less time. Today, this Oracle Java exam simulator is one of the top three choices of students preparing for Java certification exams. A free test for 1Z0-808 (OCAJP) and 1Z0-809 (OCPJP) exams having 25 questions has been made available on the website so that the students can have a look at the quality of questions and clarity of answers they provide.

The best aspect of this site is that you don’t have to download any file or software on your desktop or laptop. So, there’s no need to worry about malware, viruses, spyware or ads that may slow your desktop or laptop. You can directly access the questions and exhaustive answers at the website itself.

Presently, the site is offering their 30 days limited time offer at the cost of $19.99. You can also avail two lifetime subscriptions priced at $39.99 and $69.99. The standard subscription consists of 4 mock exams having 308 questions along with detailed clarification of answers. All the packages available also have a 100% money back guarantee if you can prove a mistake in their study material or a student fails the Java certification exam after practicing their mocks. They have the best quality questions, and they regularly update the material to bring out the best. Existing customers of their subscription can avail the benefit of the free upgrade to mobile devices too.

4. Kaplan Selftest And Transcender Exam Simulator:
Kaplan SelfTest is authorized official partner of Oracle and thus, provides realistic exam simulators for candidates preparing for Oracle Java certification exams. There’re many subscriptions available at the Kaplan’s website depending on whether it’s a practice exam, quick review, or a premium solution. The price of the subscriptions available at Kaplan SelfTest is higher than other exam simulators as it’s an authorized official partner of Oracle. They not only provide all the Oracle Java certification exam simulators, but also the Oracle Database certification exam simulators.

The lowest price subscription available on their website is for the 1Z0-808 exam which is at the cost of $ 99.00 in which the student is granted a 30-day online access to the questions and answers. It includes 194 practice exam questions and 227 Transcender Flashcards. Java certification exam candidates are relying on Kaplan for over a decade and it’s popular for providing eLearning courses and IT training across the cyber world.

5. Epractizelabs Exam Simulator:
If you are a motivated Java programmer, then EPracizelabs exam simulators may be the best choice for you. EPractizelabs provide exam simulators for almost all the Java certification exams including Java 7 certification exams (1Z0 803, and 1Z0 804), etc. They have got a variety of training material, exam solutions, and practice tests available with them.

Presently, they are offering 1Z0-808 exam study course at the cost of $19.98 which is 50% off of the actual price of $39.95. Thus, you’ll be able to save $19.97 of your money. This online study course covers a 100% Unconditional test pass guarantee. The good aspect of this study course is that it comes with a lifetime license and thus there’s no need to pay renewal charges after you’ve paid the fees once. You can also access the practice tests through mobile phones and tablets.

The study course of EPractizelabs contains mock practice tests, new eBooks, and new quiz exams. However, there’s a possibility that you may find other materials such as Flash Card Quiz exams, etc. Free practice mock tests and free quiz exams for OCAJP 8 and OCPJP 8 are also available on their website. The free practice mock test of OCAJP 8 consists of 30 questions required to be answered in 1 hour and you can attempt the mock test an unlimited number of times. The free quiz exam of OCAJP 8 is 50 minutes and has 52 questions in it, and this can also be attempted an infinite number of occasions. There’s only one free practice mock test available for OCPJP 8, and there are 29 questions in it which are required to be answered in 1 hour. Passing percentage in all the available free exams is 65%.

All the above Oracle Java certification exam simulators are best and unique in their own ways. Although, there’s a high probability that the students who practice Whizlabs exam simulators will achieve more than 80% score in OCPJP 8 or OCAJP 8. But if you are looking to achieve 90% or more in your Java certification exam, then it’s recommended to practice at least two exam simulators and most probably, they should be Whizlabs and Enthuware.

Along with the exam simulators, students must study a good Java book to prepare for Java 8 certification exams. There are numerous good Java programming books available in the market but the most recommended ones are Study Guide by Mala Gupta for Java 7 certification and study guide by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff for Java 8 certification.

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