Top 10 OCPJP Java Certification Exam Simulators

Top 10 OCPJP Java Certification Exam SimulatorsIn this article I have listed Top 10 OCPJP Java Certification Exam Simulators, you can try to these for your preparation of java 8 certification. . Oracle certifications are one of the most highly-esteemed certifications. They are widely known in all the companies and industries. If a person is Oracle certified in any of its courses, his worth get an increase in the job market. Let us see what Java Certifications do Oracle offer and the various tools that a candidate can use to prepare for these Java Certifications:

JAVA Certification by Oracle:

Oracle offers certifications in JAVA programming as well. It does not come as a surprise that an Oracle certified JAVA programmer has higher chances of getting a job in a well-reputed company. To be an Oracle certified professional JAVA programmer, you must clear two exams. The first exam is OCAJP. It is the exam based on the fundamentals of JAVA programming and is for the beginners. There are no eligibility criteria for this exam; anyone can appear. However, the second exam is OCPJP, which is the professional level exam. Only a JAVA programmer, who has a strong hold on the basics and has clear concepts, will be able to clear the exam. Clearing the OCAJP exam is a pre-requisite to be eligible to appear for the OCPJP exam. Only after passing both these exams, Industry knows that person is as an Oracle Certified Professional JAVA Programmer.


Tools for Preparation for OCAJP and OCPJP Exams:

There are several tools and mediums through which one can prepare for the JAVA certification exams. The three tools that a candidate can use to be well-prepared for the exam include Study Guides, Practice Tests, and Exam Simulators. Study Guides are the guide books that can help you with what key areas you need to focus on while you prepare for Java OCAJP and OCPJP Exams. Practice tests, we have already discussed in our earlier blog. Let us have a look at what Exam Simulators are and which of them are the best Top 10 OCPJP Java Certification Exam Simulators to prepare for OCAJP and OCPJP Exams:

What are Exam Simulators and which are Top 10 OCPJP Java Certification Exam Simulators?

This is a tool specially designed for the preparation of certification exams. It is a test engine that helps a person to prepare for an exam. The feature of this tool is that it provides its users a real exam scenario. The person can himself edit, create and take practice tests in the exam like environment.

Preparing for an OCAJP or OCPJP exam and Top 10 OCPJP Java Certification Exam Simulators?

Here Is A List Of Top 10 OCPJP Java Certification Exam Simulators You Can Use:

1. Whizlabs:

Whizlabs provides one of the most used exam simulators. It is one of the best exam simulator out of the Top 10 OCPJP Java Certification Exam Simulators. It is very similar to the best exam similar for OCAJP and OCPJP exams and is widely used for the preparation of JAVA certification exams. You can choose any of the two tests OCAJP and OCPJP of version JAVA 7 and JAVA 8. Just in $80, the user gets access to almost 700 questions and five mock tests. The candidate can appear in the exam online. After the completion of the test, a thorough report provides your highlighting both the weak and the strong areas of the candidate. This helps the candidate identify the areas he lacks in and give him a chance to improve on those areas.

2. David Mayer:

David Mayer’s exam simulator is only available for JAVA8, but it is an exceptionally great platform. This simulator provides a free test for the user in which the features of the exam simulator are highlighted. This test consists of 25 questions you have to complete in the given 53 minutes. The PDF version of the test is also available.

3. EPractizelabs:

This is a very reliable exam simulator web. It contains all the versions of JAVA courses in its training and its simulators. You can buy the online training, mock exam questions and study guides too. For the satisfaction of their customers, they have provided free tests so that the candidates can explore all the features of what they are buying before they actually pay for it.

4. Enthuware:

Enthuware is a cheaper exam simulator. The question bank of Enthuware consists of almost 500 questions in just $9.95. In spite of being a cheaper platform, it provides authentic and reliable practice questions. The quality matches that of Whizlabs. The only difference between the two is that of the pricing. Enthuware even provides a detailed report for all the answers.

5. Kaplan Self-test:

What makes Kaplan Self-test one of the best exam simulators is that Oracle itself authorizes this platform. The fact that Oracle heads it, makes Kaplan Self-test the most reliable exam simulator. The package for 30 days costs $69 and offers over 170 questions. The CD is for $99. It also provides flash cards and a comprehensive report over the score of the candidate.

6. Transcender:

Transcender is another exam simulator authorized by Oracle. It has a range of packages such as 190 questions can be bought for $109. One thing that a candidate should know beforehand is, both the Kaplan and Transcender provide very similar questions. The major difference is only in the number of questions and the topics included in various packages.

7. Cert Exams Simulator:

Cert Exams Simulator offers a set of mock exams which are up to date with the actual exam’s course. The answer sheet has long, detailed answers for the user to understand. Cert is easy to activate and is quite reasonable. Their team of experts reviews all the answers and provides a proper guide to each student. It has an integrated test environment that helps in practicing different modules.

8. My Exam Cloud:

My Exam Cloud is another efficient simulator for JAVA certification exams. It is a product of EPractize Labs especially designed for Java certifications. It was previously known as Training lab. The Simulator provides a good set of MCQs and other questions. All the course outlines for the simulator’s questions are aligned with the actual course outlines of Java certifications.

9. Exam Lab:

Exam Lab is another good and free downloadable or web-based exam simulator for OCAJP and OCPJP exams. It has a huge number of downloads since it has everything that other paid simulators offer. The simulator has a total 360 questions along with answers and detailed explanation of each answer. There are total six set of exams which include: one diagnostic exam, four practice exams, and the final exam. Each exam consists of 60 set of questions.

10. Code Ranch:

Code Ranch also provides a set of 10 exams to prepare for different JAVA certifications. The first set of exams is just about the basics of JAVA which needs to be passed for any exam of any course. There are multiple choice questions as well as true and false. Each answer has an in-depth explanation which helps in understanding the concept behind the question.

Hope above listed Top 10 OCPJP Java Certification Exam Simulators would be useful for your preparation. Exam simulators play a significant role in the preparation of JAVA certification exams. They are considered as the best tools for preparing for certification exams. The most popular mantra of successful JAVA certified professionals is to choose the best book and the best exam simulators. These exam simulators are very beneficial as they provide questions very much similar to the actual exam which raises the confidence bar of the candidate on the day of the exam, as they already know what to expect from the exam.

The candidates who use exam simulators for preparation are way more confident than the ones who don’t. Since the students using exam simulators very well know how to manage time during stress, they are well prepared to face any type of the questions. Exam simulators are highly recommended to those candidates who wish to pass the JAVA certifications by achieving a high score instead of just gaining passing marks. One must understand that buying an exam simulator is not compulsory, but is a great aid to pass the Java certification exam with flying colors.

Whizlabs Simulator for java certification

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