Hybrid Cloud Model in Cloud Computing

In this cloud tutorial we will discuss about the Hybrid Cloud Model, it is the mixture of public and private cloud. Non-critical activities are performed by public cloud while critical activities are performed by private cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Model in Cloud Computing

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Model
It provides both the features of public and private cloud scalability.

Private cloud in hybrid cloud ensures higher degree of security.

Flexible and secure-
It provides secure resources because of private cloud and scalable resources because of public cloud.

Cost effective-
It is having less cost as compared to private cloud.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Cloud Model
Network Issue –
Networking becomes complex due to presence of private and public cloud.

Security Compliance-
It is necessary to ensure that cloud services are compliant with the security policies of an organization.

Infrastructural Dependency-
The hybrid cloud model is dependent on internal IT infrastructure, therefore it is necessary to ensure redundancy across data centers.

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