Private Cloud Model in Cloud Computing

In this cloud tutorial we will talking about one of the cloud model is private cloud model in the Private Cloud allows systems and services to be accessible with in an organization. The Private Cloud is operated only within a single organization. However, It may be managed internally or by third-party.

Private Cloud Model in Cloud Computing

Benefits of Private Cloud Model
High security and privacy-
Private cloud resources are shared from distinct pool of resources and hence highly secured.

More Control-
Private clouds have more control on its resources and hardware than public cloud because it is accessed only within the boundary of an organization.

Cost & Energy Efficiency-
Private cloud resources are not as cost effective as public clouds but they offer more efficiency than public cloud.

Disadvantages of Private Cloud Model
Private cloud is only accessible locally and it is very difficult to deploy globally.

Less Scalability-
Private clouds are scaled only within capacity of internal hosted resources.

Additional Skills-
In order to maintain cloud deployment, organization requires more skilled and expertise.

Inflexible Costing-
In order to fulfill demand, purchasing new hardware is very costly.

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